Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Tuesday March 2, 2004

Katie L. came to visit me over the weekend. It was the first time in a year and a half that she and I were able to hang out for more than two or three hours at a time. That's something most best friends avoid! It's so strange how different the two of us have become. After I moved from Chicago and high school came around we both changed, but I think these last three or four years really contributed to how we each have become nearly opposite. I've know her since pre-school and have been best friends with her since 3rd grade ...so crazy, and I think I'll always be able to pick up a phone and talk to her like she were standing next to me.

On Saturday we went out on Welch Ave. to the bars for her 23rd birthday after first having dinner in Des Moines. She had an absolute blast! She was so funny too. She saw ISU basketball player Jackson Vroman and tried to get him to take a picture with her using her birthday as the excuse. I was so embarassed cause he's just a tall guy that goes to the same school as I do but I look back and I think its funny. We randomly stopped by People's Bar & Grill on the way back to the car and saw a Minneapolis band, Grayson, playing the last bit of their set. They were really good and I was so surprised there weren't more people there. {I think everyone in this town is still too hung up on the Nadas} We talked to some of the guys in the band after the show and went to Perkins afterwards with one of them. They were really interesting... the guys that we spoke with weren't like some of the guys in bands that I know. The really "stick-up-my-butt" kind that get all serious about life. They were really laid back. At Perkins Katie entertained us with her altered state of being. It was definitely one of my favorite nights this year. Grayson is playing at Mickey's in DSM on wed. March 10 and I'm trying to decide if I'll go.

Well, off to study anthropology for my first exam in that class tomorrow. Such fascinating material. I'm still a bit stumped on if evolution or creationism is right... I'm kinda of agreeing with a mix of the 2 right now. Although I need to keep reading about the two because just because something "makes sense" to me doesn't mean it's the truth! (That would make life so easy!!!)

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